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A Brilliant Independent Horror Film

When you live in a constant state of resentment for the bullshit that is brought before our eyes on a weekly basis, you learn how to look back at the brilliant independent filmmakers who simply want to tell a brilliant/terrifying as fuck type of tale. And that is exactly what we have with Besetment.

Besetment is a fun watch!

Besetment is one of the better independent movies I’ve seen all year!  Honestly, I love this movie…

A. Renee Hunt

“And when the rabbit cries, the fox comes a running”

Writer/Director Brad Douglas has masterfully concocted with nearly surgical precision. The acting was superb and probably the best I’ve seen in a low budget movie of any genre in many a moon.

The Great Beludini

A Thoroughly Enjoyable and Fast Paced Film

I love the small town vibe and the pacing in regard to its character development and reveals. It’s well shot, sounds great and the score is a good mix of synth and acoustic ballads. The performances are solid and Douglas keeps his footing in a number of different genres as the film plays out.

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News & Updates

  • Interview with Brad Douglas & Marlyn Mason on The Spoiler Room

    Director Brad Douglas and Veteran Actress Marlyn Mason sit down for an interview with The Spoiler Room, via Special Mark Productions.  Click on the "Continue Reading" link below to listen to the podcast.  http://www.specialmarkproductions.com/uploads/2/1/2/3/21230940/braddouglasmarlynmasoninterview.mp3 Official "The Spoiler Room" Podcast Link
  • “Actress Obsession” Highlights the Women of Besetment

    The heartbeat of a great horror film is to take elements of old school terror and elevate them with a refreshing angle which “The House of the Devil” so effectively used as much as the recent “The Void” brought back the dread of practical horror....
  • “BESETMENT” Takes 3rd at Horror Hotel

    BESETMENT has won 3rd place in the 2017 Horror Hotel International Film Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. If anyone is interested in attending the screening it is June 15th at 7:10. More info can be found on their web site. http://www.horrorhotel.net/
  • “Besetment” Screens at Independent Filmmakers Showcase

    View PHOTOS from the last BESETMENT screening Friday May 5th at the IFS Film Festival at the Beverly Hills Music Hall before it’s world wide release June 6th on VOD. http://www.besetment.com/2017/05/06/besetment-screens-at-independent-filmmakers-showcase/
  • Marlyn Mason wins “Best Supporting Actress” at Back in the Box Fest

    Marlyn Mason wins “Best Supporting Actress” at Back in the Box Fest Back in the Box Fest works to shatter the boundaries placed not only between genres but also between undiscovered talents and eager audiences. We are looking for the Best of the Best in the field...

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